About Vube.com

Vube.com is a video sharing website, featuring monthly contests that pay out to the most popular videos.

Vube.com launched 2013 January as a video uploading sharing platform for amateurs. Instead of making money with advertisements they are paying those who upload the videos that get the most views prize money. Vube.com gives more than 27.000 USD each month. The biggest prize is 10.000 USD.

At the start-up, giving prizes may just be an initial ploy to get more content and more people visiting the vube.com website. Apparently, this is a good idea as this relatively new website has skyrocketed itself to fall within the one of the most popular websites of the internet, in just shorter than a year. The site is currently translated in more than 80 languages.

According to Andrew Benkovic from huffingtonpost.com, Vube.com Gives the Viral Video Back to the User. (read whole article ) Vube uses the concept of cover songs, original content, and contests as a platform for emerging artists and other creative minds.

Their main draw is the contests that are for the most part are monthly. Artists/creators upload their video to the site. Users vote on which video they like. The amount of “likes” that a video receives (in that month only) is generated and the top 25 videos receive a cash prize.

To learn how to upload your own video to vube.com click here.

Vube prize amounts:

Big prize is $10,000
2nd place is $5,000
3rd is $3,000
4th is $2,000
5th is $1,000
6th is $900
7th is $800
8th is $700
9th is $600
10th is $500
11th is $450
12th is $400
13th is $350
14th is $300
15th is $250
16th is $225
17th is $200
18th is $175
19th is $150
20th is $125
21st is $100
22nd is $80
23rd is $60
24th is $40
25th is $20

You can find some advice to win vube.com contest in this article, click here to read

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